Why choose our people?

There are thousands of nurses and qualified clinical reps in the marketplace. Only a small percentage of these professionals are expert clinicians with the polish of a seasoned marketing rep.

ConsignMed secures and invests in these people, and brings them to you.

We combine this focus with our love of science, people, and partnerships to strengthen our ability to build teams. Whether we secure candidates for a new team, or complement an existing team with one individual, people are the center of our specialty.

Our brand, Inspire Creative Chemistry, is at the heart of every candidate selection. Our consultants and employees only work for our clients if we would be willing to hire them at our corporate office. Click here to learn more about our brand.

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Credentials Verification for Consultants
Vendor Access for Full Time Employees
Scheduling for Emergent Events
Regulatory & Product Training
Records Maintenance

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Are you struggling to hire the best within budget AND manage their time and credentials?

We will help you BUILD A CONTRACT TEAM: We cross-recruit experts from within, or recruit new, to serve your team’s vision. Each new hire experiences an extensive screening process with the collection of 20+ compliance documents.

We leverage volume so YOU CAN AFFORD THE BEST: Engage the best on a pay per utilization basis without exceeding your budget. Not ready for full time help in a particular territory? No problem. Leverage our nationwide, shared resources to fill field needs. Your investment is never lost when you convert consultants to full timers.

Let us help you CREDENTIAL: The privileging process can be a heavy administrative burden. In partnership with medical device and equipment manufacturers, ConsignMed serves field representatives with credentialing solutions. Our multi-phase method is complete, yet customized to accommodate your needs. Spend more time selling and educating your clients instead of managing the red tape.

We can help you SCHEDULE: Our visibility to hundreds of nationwide consultants allows us to serve our clients with back-up resources. When your resource is scheduled for another engagement, our team taps into the next available consultant.

Ask us about our REPORTING functions: ConsignMed collects and reports custom data. We listened. Created with information collected over several years, ConsignMed has developed a process for reporting secure data back to field management. Make educated decisions with new visibility to field activities.

There’s MORE?: In addition to our core services, we also offer expertise in on-boarding, regulatory and product training, records maintenance, and more.

Your FULL TIME EMPLOYEES need help, too: As an extension of our full service credentialing, ConsignMed serves client employees with a credentialing concierge, also known as Vendor Access. From absorbing fees to updating multiple profiles, ask us how we can serve you, too.